Manicure and Pedicure Course

Are you ready to become a professional nail technician? Creative Beauty Lab Academy has the perfect course for you! Our Manicure and pedicure Course is given by experienced professionals and world champions passionate about teaching the art of manicure and gel filling.

The course is divided into three modules, starting with the basics of manicure and preparation of natural nails for gel construction. In the second module, you will learn about semipermanent nail polish and its preparation. Finally, module three focuses on gel filling.

Attending an accredited international valid course is the best way to learn the latest trends in the beauty industry. Our course is designed to give you the knowledge and skills to become a successful manicurist. You will gain confidence and expertise in the latest techniques and tools and be able to create beautiful and stylish manicures.

At Creative Beauty Lab Academy, we provide a safe and supportive learning environment. Our experienced instructors will help you to get the most out of each module and develop your skills. You can also participate in workshops and competitions and build your portfolio.

By the end of the course, you will be able to perform manicures and gel fills professionally and confidently. So what are you waiting for? Enroll in our Manicure Course today and start your journey to becoming a professional manicurist!

Module 1: Classic manicure and pedicure Course

This course is designed to teach you the fundamentals of nails, from learning about the correct use of an electric nail drill and heads to sterilizing work tools and preparing the natural nail.

Our experienced instructors will provide you with the guidance and support you need to develop your skills and techniques.

Module 1 Content: What You’ll Learn

  • Anatomy of the nails
  • Products and instrument presentation
  • Classic manicure
  • Notions about nail preparation
  • Hand and foot massage
  • Rules of behavior with customers
  • Notions about hand , foot and nail hygiene
  • Detection of nail diseases


Module 2: Advanced Manicure & Pedicure – Semipermanent nail polish

This module focuses on semipermanent nail polish and the correct techniques for cuticle cleaning, nail preparation, and removal without damaging the natural nail. You will learn about applying the polish with apex, color under the cuticle, and French manicure. You will also get the perfect definition and fast salon design.

You will have the opportunity to practice and gain hands-on experience in workshops. With the knowledge and skills you gain from this nail course, you will be able to create beautiful and stylish manicures and express your creativity.

Module 2 Content: What You’ll Learn

  • Correct remove mode without damaging the natural nail
  • Notions about nail preparation with the nail drill

Application of semi-permanent nail

  • Polish with apex
  • Applying the color under the cuticle
  • The correct execution of the French manicure
  • Getting the perfect definition
  • Fast salon design
  • One nail Creative jewelry

Hand and foot massage
Rules of behavior with customers
Notions about hand and nail hygiene, detection of nail diseases

Module 3: Detailed exploration of manicure and pedicure techniques and practices.

Topics covered include file techniques, nail preparation, gel and acrylic nail construction, and nail anatomy. Emphasis is placed on product presentation, nail extension methodologies, and nail art techniques. Additional areas of focus include nail drill operations, professional photography practices, and problem-solving for common nail issues.

Module 3 Content: What You’ll Learn

  • File filing techniques notions about nail preparation
  • Nails constructions with gel , acrylic
  • Notions about nail anatomy
  • Diseases sterilization nail
  • Preparation Presentation of the products we will work with.
  • Correct application of the mold for nail extension
  • Color application nails different shaping
  • Types of nail bed placement of the template according to the shape
  • During lengthening of the nail bed
  • Construction application different forms, oval or almond shape

All about nail drill : heads, rotations, methods of use.

Nail art

  • Making the extension with white french
  • Making the apex with the pink gel
  • Filing steps
  • The right amount of material and placing perfectly
  • Removal of old gel and infill
  • Lifting problems how to fix it
  • How to make professional pictures

How many days ?

This course duration for Individual intense course is :

  • Module One -  3 Days
  • Module Two -  3 Days
  • Module Three - 6 Days

For groups course: 3 Months.

Do I need experience?

  • Experience is not required for Module one
  • For module two, module one required
  • For module three, module one and two are required

How much cost?

The cost of this courses are

  • Module One - 450€
  • Module Two - 450€
  • Module Three - 850€

Authorised courses

A participation diploma will be provided at the end of the
course. National and International Accredited certificate after finishing all three modules.

Experienced Trainer

We will support you and contact you after you finish the course to help you with any information.

Lot of practice

In this industry, the key is practice, so our courses are very focused on hands-on.

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