Eyelash Extension Course

Our experienced instructors will guide you through the course and help you understand the different types of lash materials, the tools used to apply eyelash extensions and the marketing skills needed to promote the service.

The 2-3D Eyelash Extension Course is a more advanced module designed for technicians who have completed the Classic Eyelash Extension Course. Our students will learn the techniques for creating more intricate designs with multiple eyelash extensions for a fuller, more dramatic look. Our experienced instructors will teach you the techniques to create beautiful results that will make your clients look and feel amazing.

The Russian Volume & Hollywood Course is the most advanced module. It is designed for experienced lash technicians who have completed both the Classic Eyelash Extension Course and the 2-3D Eyelash Extension Course. The student will learn the techniques for creating Russian Volume and Hollywood eyelash extensions, characterized by multiple extensions for a voluminous and glamorous look. Our instructors will guide you through the course and help you understand eye health, safety fundamentals, techniques, and the tools and materials.

The instructors are highly experienced professionals committed to providing the best possible education. The course is accredited, ensuring you get the highest quality of education.

We look forward to seeing you at Creative Beauty Lab Academy and helping you become a highly skilled and successful lash technician.

Module 1: Classic eyelash extensions Course

This Classic Eyelash Extensions Module Course is the perfect introduction for anyone wanting to learn how to professionally apply eyelash extensions. This course will provide a comprehensive overview of the fundamentals of Classic Eyelash Extensions, teaching you how to select the perfect lashes for each unique client, proper lash preparation, and how to professionally apply the lashes. From there, you will also learn how to customize each lash application to the individual client’s requirements, creating a customized and beautiful lash look. The course will teach you the importance of sanitation, health and safety, and aftercare. With the knowledge gained in this course, you will be able to provide your clients with the perfect set of lashes that look natural and beautiful.

  • Introduction to the world of eyelash extensions
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • The structure and morphology of natural gen
  • Products and work tools
  • Hygiene rules at the workplace
  • Adhesives: Types and characteristics
  • Modeling and styling.
  • What are we after
  • Choice of extension curve, thickness, and length
  • The correct position during the execution of a
  • Applying extensions 1D work technique
  • Isolation of lower eyelash
  • Maintenance and care of eyelash extension
  • Removing eyelash extensions
  • Particular situations

Module 2: 2-3D Eyelash extension Course

During the course, you will learn how to safely and accurately apply single and multiple lashes to one eye and achieve the desired 2D and 3D effects. You will be taught to select and use the correct eyelash products and implements and create beautiful, eye-catching looks. The course will also cover the latest techniques, trends, safety, sanitation, and aftercare advice. Upon completion, you will have the skills and knowledge to offer your clients a luxurious, long-lasting eyelash service.

  • Materials needed
  • Recapitulation of the principles of the 1D
  • The basics and principles of 2D-3D volume
  • Distance between eyelid and extension placement
  • Methods of applying volumes
  • Correct direction
  • Fan opening method
  • Sticking and how to avoid them
  • The correct weight of extensions for 2-3D
  • Fan training techniques
  • The foot/base of the fan
  • Select tweezers
  • The right line
  • Rules of work with glue
  • Modeling and effects
  • Questions/answers
  • Demonstration and practice

Module 3: Russian volume & Hollywood course

This Russian Volume and Hollywood Eyelash Extension Course is designed to give students a comprehensive understanding of these advanced eyelash extension techniques. Students will gain valuable knowledge and practical experience creating long-lasting, beautiful eyelash extensions. This course covers the fundamentals of eye health, hygiene, and safety, as well as the application techniques and aftercare

  • Volumetric calculation
  • The perfect fan
  • Ways to work on layers
  • Soldering techniques
  • Advanced mapping
  • The perfect line of eyelashes
  • Preparation for application
  • Micro drop
  • Maximum retention
  • Maintenance or reapplication?
  • Allergies and sensitivities
  • Bridging technique
  • Extensions on the lower lashes
  • Wet lashes
  • Express volume (fast technique 60-90 min)

How many days ?

This course duration for Groups is :

  • Module One -  3 Days
  • Module Two -  2 Days
  • Module Three - 2 Days

For Individual Intense Course please contact us.

Do I need experience?

  • Experience is not required for Module one
  • For module two, module one required
  • For module three, module one and two are required

How much cost?

The cost of this courses are

  • Module One - 650€
  • Module Two - 450€
  • Module Three - 450€

Authorised courses

A participation diploma will be provided at the end of the
course. Nationally and Internationally Accreditated certificate after finishing all three modules.

Experienced Trainer

We will support you and contact you after you finish the course to help you with any information.

Lot of practice

In this industry, the key is practice, so our courses are very focused on hands-on.

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